Is God being specific with you?

Is God being specific with you?

I've been given a voice and I feel like I'm supposed to utilize it in a meaningful way.  In this case, that means sending it off into cyber space with the hope that someone finds it. So here's to hope ...

One of the many things God was clear with me about during the journey to establish Adored was this: He desires to be specific in His guidance in our lives.

 He has a purpose for each of our lives, none are too dirty, none too broken, none too far gone.  He created us with a purpose and He wants more than anything that we figure that purpose out.  

The journey to that purpose is no less important than the purpose itself.  Just as a growing plant has an essential journey from seed to flower, so do we.  It can be rough going some days with storms from all angles and irritating environmental circumstances that we cannot change.  It's in those circumstances that we start to uncover the things that are in our way and that we have possibly embraced for our lives that are actually keeping us from fulfilling Gods purposes. It's in those circumstances that we learn how to really let go of controlling our lives and instead give it over to the one who really knows how to navigate the path ahead.  It is in letting go of our attempts to control, that we are able to hear His specific guidance.  It doesn't come when were driving. God knows we would just ignore it, we wouldn't trust it or we wouldn't be obedient to it.  It is only in surrendering control over our life that we will finally be able to hear His voice, guiding us into His path, into His purpose and into a place that we can truly be living for Him. This can be scary!

Laying down control is not easy.  It's almost as hard as the storms in the journey.  It requires self reflection and response, which  conflicts so much with the perspective of the world.  It's not easy, but it's essential.

Are you seeking to hear the voice of The Father?  Ask Him to reveal the areas of your life that you are controlling.  Ask Him to assume control over your life, invite Him in and give it to Him. Be specific with Him. He desires to be specific with you.