I once had a dream that my daughter and I were standing at the base of a massive man made snow hill.  I knew I had seen it before and when I looked, I could see that it was steeper and higher than it was previously. The top was covered in a snow storm and dark clouds that were so thick, we could not  see the actual top of the mountain. We began to climb and my daughter was ahead of me.  She got far enough away that I could barely see her through the storm.  I could feel it wasn't safe, that she was in immediate danger, so I called her back and she came down immediately.    A rush of relief came over me as we walked back down the mountain. When we got to the bottom, we walked around the mountain to the other side, where it was sunny and warm and people were in shorts.  We cold see that this side of the mountain was a straight wall with a drop down.    I knew when I saw it that my daughter had been right on the edge of the drop down.  She was unknowingly just inches away from going over it when I called her back.  

Several weeks prior to this dream, God revealed to me that I had sin in my life that was keeping me from knowing Him.  I prayed, I fasted and I sought God because I wanted to honor Him. I wanted to draw into Him more and I wanted his purposes, not my own.  As a result of the awareness He put on my heart, I changed many things in my life. From who I spent my time with and how I prayed to how I loved and engaged with my family, nothing was off limits .  One morning, after the loss of some relationships that came as a result of my obedience, I sat in the dark on my knees, head in hands, weeping and seeking Him, asking "why?".  He answered me.  In the blink of an eye, I saw 2 future paths for my daughter.  In one path I remained in my past lifestyle and my daughter walked the same path I did,  questioning her true identity and with sinful behaviors separating her from The Lord.  In the other path, I was obedient and she knew her identity as a child of God, loved by Him, and was confident in that truth for her life.  In less than a second, I went from weeping in sadness to joyfully celebrating God's good work in my life. 

The Holy Spirit loves to speak to us and often, He shows up in our dreams!  He loves to tell us about our life and affirm decisions that we made when they are in line with God's will for our life.  He counsels us, guides us and encourages us.  

Are you seeking to understand more about what God has planned for your life?  Ask The Holy Spirit to show up in your dreams.  Ask Him to bless you with interpretation of the dreams He brings.  When they come, write them down.  You'll want to remember what God had to say through them!