• Nina Scarf


    This scarf comes with a planet-pleasing difference - it's sustainably made from recycled polyester! With lots of care and thoughtful design, unwanted waste was transformed into a colorful scarf which is sure to brighten up any outfit. 100% recycled polyester, Made from recycled PET bottles Made by artisans who were paid above living wages for their work.

  • Horn Hoop


    One of our first products in our own line, these fair trade made horn hoops are a house favorite! Perfect for any season, these hoops add a touch of trend with a classic foundation.  2" Each pair is unique in color and pattern due to the natural materials.  Most pairs are bright wight and black on one side and neutral and black on the other, so you can wear either side out facing.  Made by artisans in Vietnam who were paid above living wages for their work.

  • Natural Wristlet


    In this classic and functional zero waste wristlet, hand-woven fabric made from recycled jersey yarn is skillfully put together with note-worthy details. This bag has been passed through the hands of many kind and talented makers. It features an exposed metal zipper and touches of metal hardware. Its removable handle, made of vegan leather from upcycled upholstery fabric, offers the final touch to this zero-waste classic. materials and care: This piece was hand-woven from a mix of tiny scraps of remnant materials and cotton yarns as part of our unique zero-waste process. Vegan leather handle is made from upcycled upholstery fabric. Hand...

  • Relaxed Basic Top


    This garment is made with a lightweight blended crepe fabric – mixed between cotton and rayon – sourced as deadstock and offcuts. This upcycled fabric feels cool and comfortable to the touch and keeps your mind at ease knowing this fabric is sustainably sourced.  Made by artisans in Cambodia who were paid above living wages for their work.

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  • Horn Tassel Necklace


    This beautiful long tassel necklace is a must have in any wardrobe. Its stunning horn and brass circular pendant is complimented by an elegant chain tassel and single brass bead. The long chain incorporates delicate beads to create a beautiful accessory with a beautiful story. The bone used in our pieces is upcycled, collected from local farmers who would otherwise discard it. Nomadic tribes in Kenya view each piece of an animal as sacred, and our artisans craft each piece as a sign of respect towards the animal.  Due to the nature of the materials, each piece may differ in...

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  • Portuguese Wool Jewel Coat

    $219.99 $87.99

    Incredibly warm wool sourced from local factories and farmers in Portugal. Easy fit and style - this is a mix of your favorite house sweater and your favorite vintage jacket. Edgy, warm, and the coziest thing! Made by artisans who were paid above living wages for their work.

  • Elly Infinity Scarf

    $54.99 $27.99

    Maybe the perfect accessory for the season, this scarf saves lives and is good for the environment too!  100% Polylana, recycled plastic and each hat saves 15 liters of water.  Made by artisans who were paid above living wages for their work.