Questions about Purposely Subscription Box?

What is the commitment?
No commitment.  Just be sure to let us know of changes or cancelations by the first of the month that your next shipment is due.

How much does it cost?
Purposely offers tiered budgets and frequencies so you can find one that works for you!

Can I change how frequently I receive my packages?
Yes.  Just be sure to let us know of any changes by the first of the month that your next shipment is due.

How do I return an item?
Because Purposely offers a more personal approach, we like to briefly connect with you to better understand your return and exchange needs.  If you wish to return or exchange a product in your shipment, simply use our contact form to email Adored Boutique with the products you intend to exchange. We will provide you with a return shipping label via email. See Terms Of Use, Returns and Exchanges for complete details. 

What happens if an item is damaged?
If an item is damaged in the shipping process, notify us on the day you receive the package via email to Adored Boutique on our contact form.  Damaged items that we are not notified of according to policy will not be accepted for return. See terms of use for complete details. 

How specific can I make shipments?
We love to know if you have a special event, need or vacation coming up so we can cater your shipment!  Please connect with Emily via our contact form Adored Boutique email address to communicate those needs prior to the 1st of the month your next shipment is due. She will do her best to accommodate requests. There are some limitations in the nature of our slow fashion product lines. We cannot guarantee we will meet all your needs, but we will always try!  

How do I cancel my commitment?
Cancel or change your commitment by emailing Adored Boutique at the email on our contact form, no later than the 1st of the month that your next shipment is due. See Terms Of Use for complete details.