Haveli Handbag


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Each thread was spun by hand, and woven by hand, by the ladies of KKM, a lepers colony in Rajpur, Dehradun.

There is nothing that accurately describes the beauty of something made with such skilled hands. If we could describe to you the sound of the looms click clacking, and the hum of ladies laughing as they worked and if you saw the dignity with which the carry about their craft, they may as well be royalty. Knowing the love that went into each item of this collection would make you want to hug these bags closely to your chest. 

So, these are not just bags, they are acts of love, acts of sheer innate creativity. It was our honor to work together with these beautiful artisans, and to produce something of extremely high quality that does justice to their work.

We know you will love it. 

This unique design is sure to make an impression.

Triangular shape. One interior pocket and a magnetic closure. 

Dimensions: 14"L x 7"H x 3.4"W, Handle 24" closure 1.5"