It was late winter of 2016, the day after I went to a local women's conference. It had been 9 months since God placed a desire in my heart to open a women's boutique. 9 months of praying and seeking God's desires for me and for this ministry He gave me.  Unbeknownst to me when I registered, this conference was focused on human trafficking awareness. So there I was,  driving alone after the conference when it hit me like a ton of bricks.  God wanted to use Adored to support ministries that have boots on the ground working to rescue and restore the lives of human trafficking victims. In that very moment, I made a commitment to God that He could use me, Adored, the money it generates and everything I have to fight this battle.

Human Trafficking, by most accounts, is a $34billion global industry. It is slavery. It happens in every neighborhood, every country, does not discriminate in its victims or abusers and breaks the heart of our loving Heavenly Father.  As I understood the depth of this horror, The Lord made my heart indignant about it.  Bringing healing to enslaved lives is a foundational purpose for Adored. 

As we step forward in this journey, we are blessed to be able to prayerfully and financially support organizations doing this work. We are also impassioned to work toward minimizing the risk for women, men and children in our community.  To help facilitate our mission, we will be hosting a monthly speaking engagement, centered around human trafficking and related issues.  These engagements are designed to educate, encourage and empower our community.  Our hope is that seeds will be planted and bring transformation! 

This Friday, January 27th, thru Friday 2/3, we are having a week long grand opening celebration.  Kicking off our speaking engagements around this is Jenn Amo, from,  joining us on Thursday 1/26 and 2/2. We have many other special events scheduled as well.  If you live in the GR area, come on it and help us celebrate!