Our first community events: human trafficking prevention

Our first community events: human trafficking prevention

Over the last 2 weeks, we hosted the first of what we hope to be many discussions for our community.  We chose to have our first discussion topics focus on human trafficking prevention.  Our hearts have always believed that every life matters and one life saved is worthwhile!  We do, deeply, believe that.  But to be honest, a part of us really desired a big turn out for our first event.  God had a different plan. Four women were in attendance, 2 mom's and their two 7th grade daughters.  We had a great dialogue and when they left, one of the mothers told me that the intimacy of the setting was really great for their personal circumstances.  My heart was humbled by how God came through, providing the perfect setting for these families to learn and feel comfortable.

The following day, that same mother came back to the store to tell me that her daughter had an opportunity at school that day to impart the knowledge she gained, just one night before. A friend of hers had a stranger reaching out to her on social media.  She was able to educate her friend, encourage her not to respond and potentially changed the life of her friend.  One life!  

So, as we entered into our second event, we trusted that there would again be significance, perfectly timed for a life to be touched.  This time, it came in a very different package.  A packed house with almost every chair filled and another powerful message.  Ye had young ladies leaving and telling their mothers they now understand why they are not allowed on certain social media.  Some young ladies were so engaged, they stayed after to get the phone number for hotlines and gain more awareness about lures.  Lives changed! 

Whether we have big or small circumstances, God can work in big ways!  When we trust Him, our lenses will change and we will see His hand in every situation.  To Him, every life matters.  As we move forward with our monthly dialogues, I will humbly accept whatever circumstances are presented, knowing and believing even more deeply that even one life changed, saved or rescued matters! 

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