"Boldly Declaring Freedom"

"Boldly Declaring Freedom"

Sacred Beginnings is the first survivor-led peer mentored program in the state of Michigan for women who have been sexually exploited/trafficked. Leslie F. King is a survivor of human trafficking/sexual exploitation. She was coerced and forced into the lifestyle of prostitution at the tender age of 15 in Grand Rapids, MI, and she became trapped in the underworld of prostitution and drug addiction for over 20 years. On July 4, 2000 Leslie miraculously found the strength and the courage to get free.  For the past 18 years she has been intense and intentional about working with women and teenage girls who find themselves trapped in the same horrors and loss of purpose which she experienced. In 2005, Leslie utilized her experience, expertise, and inspiring example of a renewed lifestyle to open Sacred Beginnings, which is a safe haven that offers hope, and healing to prostituted women.

Sacred Beginnings is uniquely equipped to reach and rescue women enslaved in exploitation/trafficking because:

1. Their team earns trust because they know what it is like to live in fear and without hope. 

2. Their team braves the street corners, alleys, and motels of our city to bring light to the dark. They meet victims where they are. 

3. They are leading change by partnering with law enforcement, legislatures and health care professionals. 

We are not all equipped to be boots on the ground in the fight against human trafficking.  In fact, most of us should not be in that position without significant training, preparation and support. Leslie has applied her personal healing journey to the way she loves in her ministry and with each phase of personal growth and healing, her ministry experiences growth. 

 The content of this blog is taken from the Sacred Beginnings website. To find out more, visit them at www.sbtp.org.  The image from this blog is taken from the Selah Freedom social media. To find out more about them, visit at www.selahfreedom.com