Short, sweet and packed full of good stuff! Interested in being part of the fast fashion solution?  Here are some steps you can take:  

  1. Quit looking for only trendy products. Stick to basic and classic styles that you will still want to wear in 10 years.  If there is a trend that fits your basic style and you’ll still wear it over time, then get it.  Just invest a little more for good quality that will actually last. 
  2. Shop in brick and mortar or online stores that offer sweatshop free products. 
  3. Shop thrift - you'll find higher quality products and smaller price tags than a new item.
  4. Look for the label on products that has the production country. Unless you're shopping a sweatshop free setting, don’t by products from countries where you know there is high use of sweatshops. 
  5. Ask your favorite brands to publish key information about their manufacturing such the names, addresses, and other important information about the factories manufacturing their branded products. This is especially important because in the apparel sector, unauthorized subcontracting is a frequent problem. Some of the worst labor abuses occur in unauthorized subcontracted sites, farthest from any kind of scrutiny or accountability.