Making a difference in the lives of others. Even small ones count!

Making a difference in the lives of others. Even small ones count!

Even before I opened Adored, one of the things that excited me the most about it was the life impact I knew it was going to make.  When I quantitate the reality of it all, it can completely blow me away.  Young ladies rescued, lives restored, college paid for, families kept together, sustainable incomes offered, new trades taught, cycles of poverty broken.... The list goes on and on!

I've found in life, that most people want to help others, contribute back and support good causes.  I've also found that between the years of college and retirement, the reality of taking those desires from heart thought to action can be incredibly challenging.  Our lives are busy with lots of priorities, so taking time away to volunteer can often go by the wayside and be forgotten. It's reality. But it doesn't have to be the end of the opportunities to support good causes and be part of changing a life. 

While I was developing Adored, there was a part of me that knew it needed to be a place where women, specifically those who fall into that bracket of life, could shop and feel good about their purchases. Customers would know that the bag they just bought or the shoes they love actually contribute positively to another persons life and future.  To help encourage this experience, we are constantly refining the product lines we carry at Adored and work to meet the desires of our customer base.  The products that we have the best response to are the ones singed by or named after the woman who made them.  It is not a surprise to me that these are such popular items.  I absolutely love that personal touch too.  It brings me joy to see our customers also getting excited about it. 

We have been open over a year and I love how I routinely get to witness the reality that my heart knew needed to be.  I love when a vendor I buy from sends an email sharing that they sold enough product to fund another year of employment for all of their vulnerable employees.  I mean are you kidding me?  It is so humbling.  The reality is that most of the world outside of the US lives on less than $20/month.  So when we say that your purchase paid the salary of a woman over seas, we are not kidding.  When we say that your purchase paid for a portion of tuition for a woman to go to University, we are not kidding. When we say that your purchase helped pay to rescue a child from the grasp of a human trafficker and prevent further sexual abuse in their life, we are not kidding. Every purchase you make can make you a difference maker. 

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