Why Rain Boots?

Why Rain Boots?

"If your basic needs aren’t met, then your higher needs can’t be met. Rain boots are the most basic and practical necessity in cold and wet climates, but can easily be worn in dry and arid climates as well. Due to the lack of proper infrastructures, children are often forced to walk through harsh conditions without proper footwear. Our goal is to help eliminate this barrier in order to keep their feet safe and dry." This is how the founder of Roma Boots answered the question, "Why rain boots?"

At Adored Boutique, we love carrying products like Roma Boots because it multiplies the life impact made with every purchase and truly brings hope, love and lasting change to lives around the globe.   This occurs though Roma's commitment to donate a brand new pair of rain boots to children and families in need for every pair they sell. Additionally, Adored donates 15% of our monthly gross profits toward the Grand Rapids based fight against human trafficking.  Buy something and change a life, it's that simple.  It's because of companies like Roma that we are able to celebrate far reaching and local impact every month.  

In a recent conversation I had with the founder of Roma Boots, Samuel Bistrain, he indicated that its important to Roma that they can continue grow the philanthropic portion of their business while offering a quality and well priced product to their customers.  We couldn't agree more and work hard to observe the same objectives at Adored.  

In the United States, unless there is a catastrophic event we are generally sheltered from the realities of 99% of the apparel industry.  What if before you bought something you could see the good or bad impact your purchase had on a life?  What if you saw the conditions in the sweat shops? What if you saw the child being forced into back breaking labor?  Or, what if you could see the life transformation of a family that is paid a fair salary, working in safe conditions and receiving a much needed basic necessity as a gift?  What if you could see the rescue of a women out of sexual exploitation in your own community? 

If given a choice, which scenario would you prefer to contribute to?  No doubt most of us would choose to be part of the positive life impacts! The opportunity for you to choose this life changing option is available!  One decision at a time, considering where you shop, the impact of your dollars and the hidden impact(s) of your choices are ways you can begin to make a difference.  Let us help you get started by considering shopping at Adored!