How To Style Your Hourglass Body Shape

How To Style Your Hourglass Body Shape

If your shoulder and chest area are similar in width to your hips and you have a well defined narrow waist, you have an hourglass body shape.  Congratulations, you have the historically feminine ideal body. Sophia Vergara and Scarlet Johansen are celebrity examples of this body type. Your strength is your curves!

A. If you want to highlight the hour glass:

Build a horizontal line at the bust and the hips and build close vertical lines on both sides to slim waist down even more. Keep the natural balance by avoiding bulky clothing and get a good bra! 

Tops: Shirts look nicest when they fit your waist, have a v neck and shoulder embellishments. Accentuate your boobs and avoid buttons all the way up. Tops that flare just below the boobs can be very flattering. Dark colors on top will deemphasize your boobs. 

Bottoms: Pencil skirts are your friend.  Other styles of skirts can work too if they end around the knee. Flat front boot cut pants will be very flattering on you. Look for denim from brands that use curvier models.

Dresses: Look for dresses that fit your boobs and elongate your waist by fitting snugly around that area. A wrap style at knee length is perfect!

Accessories: Accentuate your curves with shoes that have rounded and peep toes or bows. Avoid bulk on your top half. Choose a bag that draws attention to your slim waist. Belts will be your favorite accessory, but take into account the width of your belt in relationship to the width of your tourso.

Consider getting a tailor so clothes fit exactly your measurement. They will  look more classic and a few dollars will make a huge difference. 

B. If you want to take a break from the hourglass: 

Turn your body into a rectangle and hide your waist.  Choose super comfortable, heavy knitted fabrics and clothes that blur the line at the hips. i.e.: overalls, skater skirts, loose blouses and cowl neck tops.

Please note that the guidelines above are for general guidance only. Every body is different and you certainly don’t have to stick to the above guidelines to dress well. If you would like more intimate support in determining your style, we would be honored to help you through our personal styling.  Check it out and get 50% off your first order here: