How To Style Your Rectangle Shaped Body

How To Style Your Rectangle Shaped Body

If your shoulders and hips are similar in width and you have no defined waist, you have a rectangle, or straight, body type. Congratulations! Your body type is the easiest to dress! 

There is usually not a part of your body to hide, although, sometimes as we age, our tummy area may grow and you may want to hide it. So, the question is really, which part of your body do you want to highlight? 

You have two strategies:

1. Forget about the curves and play up the long lean lines!

- Long vests or jackets over belted tops with vertical stripes can help accomplish this. 

2. Create curves by accentuating the hips and the shoulders and cinching the waist. 

You can do this with the clothes you wear and the details on them. Use strong blocks of color to define your body. Wear tops and jackets to emphasize the waist.


1. Bottoms:

Stick with fitted straight skirts and pants. These compliment your body shape better than a slim. Low to mid waist are usually best. 

2. Tops:

Asymmetrical cuts and patterns are complimentary. They will break up the long shape and add interest. Try a tucked top with a belt and just above the knee length cardigan to highlight the waist and create a long vertical line. A line skirts work really well for this shape. A knee length pencil skirt that tapers in at the sides will also be complimentary. Horizontal (or asymmetrical) and monochromatic stripes are your friend.

3. Dresses: Shift and empire line dress will work well. Jumpsuits will look great on you too.  Try a halter style neck line to show off your shoulders. 

4. Accessories:

You are also likely to be able to wear shoes with an ankle strap if you have slimmer ankles and calves as you don’t need to worry about visually cutting a line across your legs. You may also opt for curvier and rounded options like ballerinas and pumps.

You can choose feminine jewelry to contrast with what may be an athletic figure, or you can go for modern, geometric pieces.

Please note that the guidelines above are for general guidance only. Every body is different and you certainly don’t have to stick to the above guidelines to dress well. If you would like more intimate support in determining your style, we would be honored to help you through our personal styling.  Check it out and get 50% off your first order here: