How To Style Your Inverted Triangle Body Shape

How To Style  Your Inverted Triangle Body Shape

If your shoulders and chest are your widest point, you have an inverted triangle body shape. Your hips and your waist are your greatest strengths. 

Many women train hard for your body shape, but you may feel like you want to deemphasize your shoulders.  If you feel that way, lets look at how you can accomplish that. 

A celebrity examples of inverted triangle body type are Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore and Naomi Campbell. 

If you want to deemphasize your shoulders, the best way to do that is to try to create volume on your lower body to harmonize your silhouette. Elongating your legs is invaluable. Long sleeves, and deep v-necks, as well as lower body emphasis with a shorter skirt or slit and fitted but not tight waist will draw the eyes down and away from the shoulders. 


Long sleeves hide the shoulder angle.

Vertical stripes will make you look longer and slimmer.  

Tops that are lose at the waist makes the eye lose sight of where everything is.

Tops should be below the hips or crotch - the longer they are, the slimmer you will appear.  

Wear a darker color on top.


Racer back and halter tops and dresses with loose waist lines look very feminine on you. If you're willing, you should be wearing these styles! 


On bottom, palazzo pants will look very elegant on you.  Skirts to the floor on you will also be the envy of most other body types.  Make it loose and wide if you like. 

 Inverted triangles tend to look fabulous in a jumpsuit, so if you don't already have one, you should be looking! 

Create more width and overall balance on bottom with A-Line and Full Skirts. Use bold textures to create bulk and wear a full leg, boot leg or culotte on bottom. 


Wear a bold and eye catching shoe! 

Wear your bag at your hip to draw attention downward. 

Necklaces, scarves and earrings should be understated to draw attention away. Long necklaces and scarves tied long pull the eye down. 

Rings and bracelets you can go big with as they draw the eye down toward the hip.


Please note that the guidelines above are for general guidance only. Every body is different and you certainly don’t have to stick to the above guidelines to dress well. If you would like more intimate support in determining your style, we would be honored to help you through our personal styling.  Check it out and get 50% off your first order here: