How To Style Your Triangle Shaped Body

How To Style Your Triangle Shaped Body

If your hips are your widest part, then your body is a triangle shape.

Your strength is your waistline! Play with belts and show it off! You have a lot of options for styling! 

The part of your body that you may want to deemphasize is your hip line. Don't hate your butt, just consider emphasizing your assets more.  Kim Kardashian and Tyra Banks are examples of this body type.

Your objective is to try to draw a horizontal line at your bust, shoulders, with your apparel and accessories, to try to balance out the width of your hips.  You also want to try to elongate your legs. These things will draw attention away from the hip and toward the other parts of your body.  

How to draw a horizontal line at your shoulders?  Padded shoulders and decoration at shoulders.

How to elongate your legs?  High heels, fitted bottoms paired with wide shoulders.  Balance the triangle.


3 things that work well and create the visual horizontal line: boat necks, horizontal stripes and off shoulder tops. 

Tops should not end at the hip level to avoid drawing attention to the hips. Instead, end the top above or below the hips. 


Avoid the skinny and slim fits. Instead, go for bell shaped/flared at the bottom, or styles that balance out the width of the hips to make them look thinner. 


A Line dresses are your friend.  The highlight your best asset and the extra fabric covers the widest part, the hips. You can also rock a strapless dress! 


Jewelry: Go big! Statement necklaces, big scarves and earrings. This draws attention away from your hips.

Shoes: Platform and wedge shoes will elongate your legs and are not really noticeable. 


Please note that the guidelines above are for general guidance only. Every body is different and you certainly don’t have to stick to the above guidelines to dress well. If you would like more intimate support in determining your style, we would be honored to help you through our personal styling.  Check it out and get 50% off your first order here: