New Year, New Habits?

New Year, New Habits?

I've never really been a New Years "resolutioner", but I've definitely been impacted by others who make resolutions. Specifically, I've been impacted at the gym in January. We've all been there! We say, " This year, I am going to exercise more." and we hit it hard in January, fizzle in February and by March we have found new justification for why we are not even trying anymore.

If you're anything like me, you have found habit transformation difficult. And, the lack of follow through almost never represents my heart about the circumstance.  I mean, I know exercise is good for me. I want to be healthy. I like how I feel when I do it and I experience all the things when I keep my body healthy, but..... the discipline required in the interim season, until it becomes my delight, is where I get stuck. 

I find it is the same with many women who want to introduce ethical fashion into their established wardrobe.  Those old habits of shopping online, at the mall or only high fashion or low cost brands, so quickly return and suck us back in before we can move into the place of delighting in our new healthy habit.  

I mean, come on box stores with all the things! You're speaking my language in Michigan winter, with my kids in tow, and your coffee shop and hours of entertainment!  And, so, in the middle of that thought, we forget about what's on the other side of those products and the negative we are deciding to contribute to when we choose to buy them. 

What's the solution to establishing new ethical fashion habits, according to Emily?

Set a budget.  Decide how much you're going to allow yourself to spend on new apparel and accessories each month, quarter or year. Tell your spouse and ask for loving accountability.

Decide where you ARE willing to buy said products, and where you are NOT willing to buy. And then, tell someone.  Tell your husband so when you come home with a bag on a "I'm human slip day" you can have a loving, honest conversation about it.  Tell your bestie so when she says, "Cute sweater" and you respond with, " Oh thanks, I got it for $10 at X store", she can hold you lovingly accountable to your heart.  Tell your box store credit card by cutting it up, making it harder to add products you don't "need".

Surround yourself with a community of people who challenge, inspire and encourage you.  

Change your approach so you're not using your old busted moves hoping for a new result.  

Forgive yourself when you slip.

Be more intentional about getting back on the horse when you slip.  

Ask for help where you need it.  

If any of those speak to you, I'd love to volunteer to be that person for you.  It has become a delight for me to help women through the process of not only learning and building their ethical wardrobe, but recognizing that every single woman struggles with finding the right thing for her body somewhere.  We are not alone in that! When we can work side by side sorting those things out, it makes it so much easier to begin delighting in our new habits. 

Blessings ladies!