What is love supposed to look like?

What is love supposed to look like?

Jesus loves the unloveable.  We can see a powerful example of this in John 13 when Jesus washes the feet of his disciples.  He offers the blessing to Judas, who was about to betray and Peter, who was about to deny, just the same as He offers it to the disciples who are sold out to Him.  Jesus offers love in ways we choose not to offer it.  As humans, we decide that people are unworthy to be loved because of their attitude, world view, sin, or simply because we just don’t like them. 

It is not our role to decide who is worthy.  Our role, as Jesus described it in John 13, is to love the unloveable with His kind of love. We are to love with a Jesus kind of love the person who annoys, betrays or denies us.  

There is nothing easy about loving those who disagree with us, let alone those who betray us. However, if we really desire to live like Jesus, then we have to make the attempt to love like Jesus.  

We are designed to love like this. It's our choice to engage it or not. 

Jesus loved with no boundaries, without doing harm, forsaking evil, conquering, patiently, in kindness, humbly, without hesitation, leading, as God encouraged, peacefully, with forgiveness, meekly, earnestly, in action, as a response to being loved first, joyfully, confidently,  bringing unity, with surrender, trusting, selflessly, being trustworthy, being slow to anger, transforming, quietly, honoring, faithfully, constantly, without expectations, encouraging, canceling fear, investing, intentionally, respectfully, obediently, mercifully, boasting only in The Father, sacrificially, surpassing understanding, sincerely and gently. 

Are there descriptions in this list that your attention is drawn to? I encourage you to write them down, pray, ask, seek, listen and respond. There is more to His kind of love than what you understand today.