What makes you angry?

What makes you angry?

As God encourages and loves me in my life journey, He brings opportunities for me to learn more about His nature. 

Once, I  asked God to make my heart indignant about the things that make Him indignant.  As He responded to that prayer, He began to teach me about human trafficking, also known as modern day slavery.   He placed awareness of this sin before me and over a short period of time, I began to understand it’s dark realities.  God was very clear to me that even one life matters to Him, so I should not anchor my position in statistics, but rather, be indignant that even one of His children is treated this way.  My heart broke over the realities of this sin and the more I learned, the more I dove into Jesus, seeking more of His peace.  As I continued to seek Him, God transformed my heart and within a very short amount of time, I assumed a righteous indignation about human trafficking. 

It was through this initial understanding of what makes our creator angry, that my heart toward other people and situations began to transform. I now ask God, "Does this make you angry and do you want me to engage it?"  If the door closes, I try to surrender my emotion back to Jesus.  If the door opens, I walk into it as far as he allows.  There are plenty of times where I want nothing more than to write a Facebook post or say something to someone who I think needs to hear what I have to say, but it is in desiring to be only in the places God wants me to occupy that I obey when He says no.  

What places does God want you to occupy? Have you asked Him?  Give it a try.  If He doesn't answer right away, He will eventually. 


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