Winning at Home, book


Tackling the topics that confuse kids and scare parents, Author Dan Seaborn is an international speaker and president of Winning At Home in Holland Michigan.  Parents today are raising kids in a culture that not only disagrees with their Christian faith-it strongly opposes it at every turn.  We know our faith ust inform every aspect of our parenting, but the Bible doesn't always offer cut-and-dried answers on subjects like parenting a child with mental health problems, helping your kids develop good interpersonal skills and boundaries, undersanding sexual identity, or successfully parenting adult children.  Nor does the Church awlays address them-and for that reason, they can be both messy and freightening.  So bring your questions with you into these pages, where you'll discover a wealth of wisdom and resources to help you navigate the challenges of twenty-first-century parenting.  It's time to turn your losses around and start winning at home. 

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