Softness Counts!

Softness Counts!

"Everything is so soft." is the number one comment we receive from customers. There was once a part of me that hoped for our most common customer comment to be something more along the lines of , "This place is awesome." or "I've never seen such a beautiful store." We do get that kind of feedback and it is wonderful to hear, but over the last year, I have taken a strong liking to the most frequently shared thought, "Everything is so soft.".  I have many conversations about the "why's" of this and so I thought I'd blog about it to share them with you. 

Inherent in the shopping mindset of most of us is the thought, "Does it feel good?". We are naturally drawn to products that are soft and feel good on our skin and we react positively every time we find such a product. Maybe because it reminds us of our favorite warm and cozy experience or possibly because we simply think, "If I'm going to buy something new, it better be comfortable".  Whatever your reason for shopping "soft", we love to make a way for you to do it.  

Strangely, when I began looking for clothes that I would carry at Adored, the thought about softness never once entered my mind.  Looking back, I really don't understand how I never thought of it, because it's an essential consideration in my every day life.  However, when our first few shipments arrived, I had the same thought that so many of our customers do, "Everything is so soft."  I was overjoyed to see and feel that everything that was soft and breathable.  It really was a happy accident!   

Besides the fact that many of us have an inherent ability to scope out softness, I believe there are a few other contributing factors for why our products are so soft.  

1. When love and respect are poured into the person making something, love is poured into what they are making.  This changes a garment.

2. Quality products are made with quality fabrics.  Loss of softness and breathability occur with lower quality products and fabrics. Our vendors, and the vulnerable women and men that work for them, take pride in their craft.  

How a product feels on your skin can often represent the care put into making it. Stiff and scratchy usually means less care and mass production.  At Adored, we have embraced the "Everything is so soft" feedback and we appreciate it every time you tell us!