How To Style Your Apple Shaped Body

How To Style Your Apple Shaped Body

If weight tends to form on your stomach, you have an apple body shape. You may not feel this way, but you have a lot of options to dress your body!

Your strength is in your arms and legs. Show them off! You may feel like you want to deemphasize your waist. A celebrity example of apple body shapes are Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kate Winslet. There are two ways you can dress your body successfully: 

1. Draw attention away from the waist. Accomplish this by raising attention to the bust and shoulders. Add decoration and emphasis to the shoulder/bust area. Maximize your cleavage, if you're comfortable, with a v-neck, scoop neck and skin tight fabrics. The more you have at the top, the better. A bolero jacket is a good choice.If you don't want to show your cleavage, don't. The idea is to draw attention elsewhere. 

Shorter fitted skirts and tops without sleeves are complimentary and highlight your legs and arms.

Draping fabrics work well for you. A drape dress with intention, not just fabric everywhere, will be lovely on you. As will an empire waist dress and a shift or wrap dress.

2. Highlight the waist. Use belts and place them at the level of your natural waist, where you took your measurements. 

Slim and skinny pants are your friend. Long open jackets will compliment you well by creating a slimming column right in the middle of your torso. Long lean lines in your layers is ideal and you can enhance their effect by using asymmetrical lines. 

Avoid clingy materials and instead opt for drape fabrics, rouching and textures.